The town and its inhabitants


Located in the “Holiday region Bolzano and environs”, the wine-producing town of Termeno invites you to spend a holiday with the accent on taste. This is a meeting place where two cultures and languages – German and Italian – come together in a unique symbiosis. The town of Termeno is known in particular for Gewürztraminer wine and the traditional Egetmann parade on Shrove Tuesday. Termeno also has a beautiful old town centre, is near Lake Caldaro and offers many different events held on a weekly basis throughout the summer and autumn.

The municipality of Termeno extends from the deepest valleys of South Tyrol (220 m a.s.l.) to the summit of Mount Roen (2,116 m). Over 2,200 hours of sun, an average annual temperature of 13C° and 800 mm of rain distributed throughout the year guarantee a particularly lush vegetation. 

The Hoamet Termeno Museum

The museum is in Piazza del Municipio and houses 11 exhibition rooms arranged on three floors.


The “Corteo di Egetmann”

According to this ancient carnival tradition that goes back to 1591, the “Corteo di Egetmann” is organized every two years (years ending in an odd number) on Shrove Tuesday. The main figure of the parade is “Egetmann Hansl”, a well-to-do gentleman who rampages through the streets of Termeno with his bride, friends and relations. The event also features a parade of themed floats depicting agricultural activities – the various characters are interpreted by men only.

Wine & grappa

Come and visit one of the many wineries, fruit-growing cooperatives or distilleries.

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The exact origin of this ancient custom is unknown, but can probably be traced back to Valle Isarco. After grape pressing (in Latin "torquere"), it was customary to celebrate by tasting the new wine accompanied by gourmet specialities.

A very ancient autumn tradition handed down to the present day enjoyed by young and old alike. The “Törggelen” usually involves a trip to the mountains, stopping at one of the traditional wineries for typical refreshments: roast chestnuts, sausages with sauerkraut, doughnuts and, of course, new wine.